Spinning a Yarn: Our Mission for British Wool

Spinning a Yarn: Our Mission for British Wool

Unaroo Designs was founded at the end of 2021 from a simple question; where does my yarn come from? This ethos remains at the centre of everything that we do as a business. Read on to discover more about our mission.


Let’s Start at the Beginning

Our story begins with the first COVID-19 lockdown. Having knit for years, I was lucky enough to have a bit of time on my hands after being furloughed. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to learn how to crochet at long last. I also discovered the wonderful world of knitwear pattern testing. Better still, I discovered handdyed yarn.


A Learning Curve

However, the more I knit and the more yarn I squished, the more I began to wonder where the wool came from - where the yarn’s story had begun. These thoughts were coupled with the news coming out at the time about the plight of the British wool industry. A centuries old craft, this industry was hit hard by the pandemic, and my newsfeed was full of stories of sheep’s fleeces that were buried or burnt. There was nothing to do with them and the value of the fleece itself was just so low. It cost more to shear the sheep than the farmer would ever see for the fleece.


Unaroo Designs is Born

By the end of the year, Christmas 2020, I had bought my very first hand dyed yarn starter kit. I wanted to create my own beautiful yarn, dyed on 100% British wool. I spent the year dyeing, studying, and practising my newfound passion.

Fast forward a year and our tiny kitchen became the birthplace of Unaroo Designs. Nestled on the Moray/Highland border at the time, and now based in the heart of the Cairngorms, I find inspiration in the vibrant hues of the natural landscape around us and the joy of every day life.


Challenges Faced by the British Wool Industry

Recent decades have been tough for British wool producers and farmers. From fluctuating market prices to increased competition from imported synthetic fibres, the traditional wool industry has faced numerous challenges. Many farmers struggle to find the value in their sheep fleece. The once thriving heritage of British wool is that risk of fading into history.


Our Mission: Reviving British Wool

Unaroo’s mission is simple - to bring British wwool back into mainstream use through beautiful handdyed yarn for conscious crafters. We believe that every skein tells a story that connects us to tradition, is a platform for sustainability, and a conduit to connect us to the land around us. Yarn is more than just a good squish, each skein is a testament to the rich heritage of British wool and the skilled and passionate people who produce it.


Wool so Good, You Know Where it’s Come From

We take pride in sourcing our wool directly from British mills who in turn are accredited by British Wool. This process ensures transparency and traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

We go a step further for our very own 100% Scottish wool. Our High & Low base sources wool from local smallholders and is spun for us down in The Borders to create a unique, fully traceable, 100% Scottish wool.

By supporting Unaroo, you are not just buying yarn, you’re investing in a dream, supporting local farmers, and choosing the planet. Together we can make a difference, one skein at a time.

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